Title Insurance

What is title insurance?

Title insurance is a proactive risk assumption based policy that covers you from damages should there be an issue with your property’s title when purchasing real estate. The protection works by having a title examiner research the history of your property for any leins, unpaid taxes, or other descrepancies that could lead to your ownership in the property to be jepordized.

Unlike other insurances, title insurance is a one-time premium paid during your closing.

Types of Policies

Lender's Policy

Mandated by Lender
Paid by Buyer
  • Protects Lender
  • Protection for the life of the loan.
  • Mandated by lender on most purchases.
  • Protects agains covered risks.
  • Ensures their mortgage lein is the only lein on the property.
  • Protection for the owner

It Costs Less Than You Think

Title insurance is more affordable than you think and offers you priceless peace of mind. The national rate calculator by Fidelity National Financial provides you accessible and accurate estimates from the comfort of your home. 

The Title Insurance Process

1. Request Title Insurance

This usually happens through a buyer’s attorney or agent.


2. Records Search

The insurance agency performs searches get a full history of your property.

3. Titel Examination

All records are then examined and analyzed for possible impact to your property’s title.


4. Commitment

The agency will issue a commitment to insurer your title with all the specifications.  


5. Clearing Any Clouds

The agency will then try to correct (clear) any issues (clouds) that might give a reasonable person doubt in moving forward with accepting the title. 

6. Closing and Premium Payment

You will close on your property and pay your title insurance premium as part of the closing process. 

7. Policy Issued

Your actual policy will be delivered by the title agency on behalf of the insurer after your closing. 

8. Protected for Life

Your title insurance protects you and your heirs for as long as you or they have an interest in the property.


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